Where Do I Start?

Not knowing what to expect can cause anxiety, and that’s perfectly normal. To answer some questions you may have and help you feel confident about your first visit, this how it all works:

How Does it Work?

First, you will want to select your Clinician. You can view our Clinicians here, if you are not sure who to see, our Intake staff can help guide you based on your needs. You can reach them at 815-942-6323.

    • It is important to communicate the severity of your suffering to our intake to help them get you into the appropriate treatment and time frame.
    • If you are experiencing problems in living, and mild symptoms you will begin psychotherarpy.
    • If you are having more serve symptoms that are impairing your functioning, concurrent medical problems, suicidal thoughts, or thoughts of hurting others it is very important that you also see a Psychiatrist or a Nurse Practitioner.
    • If your symptoms  are extremely severe and you are having problems functioning you may want to consider our Intensive Outpatient Program.
    • If you have suicidal thoughts that progress to plans or intentions it is critical to go to the Emergency Room or call 911 as many treatments are available which could be life changing and life saving.

Our team will also complete an insurance benefits check.

You will also be asked to complete standard forms and consents which can be found here.

What Should I Expect ?

When you come to The Institute for Personal Development our staff will greet you and help you check in.

Counseling is about you. During your first appointment, you and your provider will get to know each other. You will have the opportunity to talk about what you would like to get out of your experience.

Your counselor will also ask you about any symptoms you are experiencing, and will be dedicated to treating them and helping you get better.

All of our providers are certified, and all of your sessions are confidential. Trust, honesty and dedication between you and your counselor are critical and will help you get the most out of your appointments.

It is important to establish clear and concise goals to reach within a specified time frame.

Ongoing Sessions

Your provider will recommend how often you should visit, often it is weekly for counseling.

Our goal is to help you heal, and get you to a place where you can complete your course of counseling and have the tools you need to manage the issues you came in for on your own.

If your symptoms are not starting to get better in three to six months consider a second opinion, or a psychiatrist.