We encounter stress in our lives every day. There are low-stress decisions such as what to cook for dinner and also high-stress occurrences such as the loss of a loved one. Effectively managing the stressors in our lives can be challenging. However, managing our stress is important because it can improve our happiness and emotional well-being.

Managing stress is a good thing. Overcoming stressful situations can give us a sense of accomplishment and increase our morale. However, if you are under a consistent level of high stress or if you are having trouble dealing with a particularly stressful event in your life, you can experience negative effects, even depression. Both negative and positive even can cause stress. The loss of a loved one, the loss of a job or the ending of a relationship are examples of highly stressful negative events. Receiving a new job or promotion, getting married or the birth of a child are examples of positive events that are also very stressful.

Different periods during our lives have different stressors as well. During early adulthood, moving away from your parents to go to college or start a new job is a major life event and possible source of stress. Middle-aged people must deal with their children leaving for the first time, career stresses, the death of their parents and many other factors. In later life, some people might find retirement stressful, because they don’t quite know what to do with themselves or are worried about money. Stress never goes away during our lifetime. Our ability to manage stress is what will determine our emotional mindset.

If you feel anxiety because you are having trouble managing stress in your life, or become depressed because you do not want to deal with it anymore, please contact us. There are many effective methods to help manage your stress and balance your life. Don’t let stress prevent you from living a fulfilling and happy life.