People can become addicted to just about anything. Some of the more common addictions are smoking, drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex and shopping among countless others. An addiction is when you feel a compulsive need to behave in a manner which is unhealthy. Addictions are determined when a behavior interferes with your quality of life or your health. The symptoms of addiction are when a behavior interferes with your life, marked by one of the following characteristics: detrimental to your health, causes financial or legal problems, damages your family or social relationships, interferes with your capacity to function in your job or role function. In addition, addictions can also cause you to act in a manner to physically or emotionally hurt yourself or someone you love.

We can help you manage your addictions through therapy. The type of therapy you undergo will differ based on the type of addiction you have and the severity. If it is a particularly harmful addiction, the therapy will be intensive with an objective of stopping the behavior as soon as possible. Other addictions that have less serious consequences can follow a more gradual process. Either way, your therapist will help you develop a plan to eliminate your compulsive behavior. When trying to quit an addiction, your stress level will increase, so it is important to speak with your therapist about managing your stress. You will also speak to your therapist about what makes you act on your impulses, how you feel when you act on them, if your actions are related to any other events in your life, etc. This can help you determine the reason for the addiction and help you to better deal with it.

If you are battling an addiction, therapy can help you to beat the addiction. Call us today to schedule an appointment.