Psychological/Neuropsychological Testing

What is Neuropsychological and Psychological Testing?

 Neuropsychological testing includes a number of objective tests that provide information about one’s brain functioning.  These tests explore the functioning of various regions and functions of the brain controlling our behavior, thoughts, and emotions.  The results of these tests provide a nuanced understanding of what is going on in the brain and what that looks like in our daily lives and functioning.

What should I expect when I schedule testing?

 Testing can take several hours and is usually completed over a few sessions.  A breakdown of the process is as follows:

The first session is a diagnostic interview with a neuropsychologist.  In this interview, the psychologist will ask about your symptoms, development, lifestyle, and family history.  This information will help establish goals and allow the clinician to choose the correct testing measures to answer your questions.

Testing usually requires 1-2 appointments which may last 2-3 hours each and is conducted by a psychologist or technician trained in neuropsychological assessment.  During these sessions you may be asked to fill out forms asking more detailed information about yourself and symptoms, complete computerized tasks, and engage in puzzle-like activities with the administrator.  In some instances, parents, teachers, or other individuals may be asked to complete forms regarding symptoms and behaviors to help gather more information.  Following test administration, the psychologist will score and interpret all the measures administered; this may take up to 2-3 weeks.

Finally, the individual will meet again with the neuropsychologist to review all test findings and treatment recommendations.  A goal of this final meeting is for the individual to gain a full understanding of the results, including the diagnosis, brain and symptom functioning, and recommendations for treatment based on your individual results.

Who receives Neuropsychological testing?

 Neuropsychological testing may be recommended at any time from early to late in treatment to help clarify what struggles you may be experiencing and guide treatment.  Neuropsychological testing can help to identify ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dementia, Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, Depression, TBI, Learning Disorders, and others.

Some clients may seek testing before beginning treatment, either therapy or medication, to get a better idea of their symptoms and struggles.  Others may seek testing after trying various treatments and not finding success.

Testing can also support individuals in seeking academic (IEP or 504) or work accommodations, as it provides a medical diagnosis that is often needed for this type of service.

Neuropsychological Testing and qEEG in Brain to Behavior Program at IPD

 The Brain to Behavior Lab at IPD administers a brief battery of Neuropsychological Testing Measures to provide further detailed information to complement the data obtained by the qEEG.  Not only does this provide more specific information to inform therapy but is also used in tracking progress.  Testing may be completed before and after treatment in order to show areas of growth.

The Neuropsych testing completed with Brain to Behavior is generally briefer and more targeted, generally requiring only one 3-hour session, with feedback completed alongside the feedback from the qEEG.

Some patients completing Brain to Behavior program may be referred for more comprehensive assessment, after conversation with patient and treatment team.

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