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IPD requires an Authorization to Release Health Information form to be completed prior to releasing medical records. Please visit our Request Medical Records page for more details.

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A Quantitative EEG (qEEG) is a painless, diagnostic test that records the electrical activity of your brain. It has no side-effects and is useful for determining brain related conditions such as attention disorders, anxiety, depression, stroke, tumor, head injury, memory difficulties and seizures.

During your appointment, the technologist will measure your head and use a sticky paste to apply 21 sensors, called electrodes, to your scalp, an electrode to each ear lobe, and one electrode to your chest for recording your heartbeat.

Throughout the test, the room will be in partial darkness and you will sit quietly in a comfortable chair. At times you will rest with your eyes closed, and at other times, your eyes will be open. We will also record while you use a laptop to interact with some computer-generated sounds and shapes.

Next, you will be asked to do some deep breathing for about three minutes, and lastly, you will rest in the recliner with your eyes closed for about twenty minutes. During that time, we would like you to be comfortable and relaxed, and if possible, take a brief nap. When the testing is complete, the technologist will remove the electrodes and try to remove most of the paste.

At home, any remaining paste can be removed by shampooing with warm water. It will take about ten days to analyze your data and write a report, so please schedule your follow-up appointment to discuss your results after that time. This information will aid in development of appropriate interventions that are tailored to your needs. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call the office or ask your technologist before the test.

Thank you.


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What Is Your Approach?

IPD provides services that are individualized for each and every client. Our clinicians are highly trained and focus on a thorough evaluation of the cause of your emotional pain. We examine problems in an individual’s relationships, job and life. We seek to understand the environment in which you grew up and how this may have effected how you view the world. We make every effort to understand the value system which you hold dear. We evaluate if you are on medications which could be making you feel bad, if you might have a medical disorder which effects how you feel or if you might have a brain chemistry problem causing you to distort the way you see and experience the world.

Once a thorough evaluation is completed, a treatment plan is designed and discussed with the individual and (with the patient’s permission), the family. We identify treatments which are scientifically proven to be effective in the condition or conditions which you have presented and then we “get to work.”

It is important to us that you OBTAIN RESULTS AND IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE! Our goal is to assist with alleviating emotional pain and suffering for individuals, families and communities. Our plan for treatment is to improve each individual’s quality of life. Within treatment, we use traditional and complementary approaches applied to the highest level of clinical and ethical standards.

How Soon Can I Get an Appointment?

This varies on the doctor you are seeing. Some doctors are scheduled more solidly than others, and emergencies can come up which can alter a doctor’s schedule. It is recommended that you schedule your appointments with as much notice as possible to get the date and time that is good for you.

How Do I Contact My Doctor or Clinician?

During the day, call 815-942-6323, Press 5 and leave a message for your clinician. Please convey the nature of the problem to help your clinician understand the level of urgency of your concern.

If there is an urgent issue after hours, you need to contact your doctor or clinician, please call our answering service at 888-549-3197 and ask your doctor or clinician to be paged.

If you have a clinical matter you wish to discuss with your clinician, we suggest that you call to make an appointment to see your clinician as soon as possible. You can ask the secretary, if there is not an immediate appointment available, if you could get in on an emergency visit with our Nurse Practitioner who can directly get input from your clinician as to how to proceed.

During office hours our doctors are always seeing patients, in most cases you will need to leave a message and the doctor will return your call as soon as possible. If it is an emergency our staff will alert the doctor right away. Keep in mind that doctors may charge for phone consultations, insurance does not cover this charge.

If there is an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. The emergency room physician can contact our doctors through the answering service 888-549-3197.

How do I get refills for my prescription(s)?

You can call the office and request refills over the phone. Refill requests can take up to 48 hours to be completed.

Why does my statement show there was no payment from the insurance?

This is often because the insurance company has applied this amount to your deductible. Please refer to your insurance EOB or call your insurance company to be sure.

I am being charged for a telephone consult or a no show/late charge, has this been billed to my insurance?

No. Insurance companies almost never pay for such charges.

Are financing options available?

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