Ardent Center of Excellence

The focus of mainstream medicine is to use drugs or physical interventions to suppress symptoms of diseases or conditions. All too often, even though an allopathic doctor’s diagnostic tests return “clean,” illness and pain persist. This scene plays out every day in medical offices all around the world. But not at The Ardent Center of Excellence.

Here, we take a different approach by getting to the root of the issue. We get to know our patients thoroughly, from their histories, genetic and biological markers to environmental and lifestyle factors. Our goal is to map the patient’s personal timeline and uncover the unique factors that might conspire to induce long-term chronic disease.

This new model of care includes Functional Medicine which focuses on treating your body as a whole system. Our experienced Functional Medicine practitioners evaluate your unique “map” before determining any emerging and traditional options for diagnosis and treatment.

Your journey to health is a truly collaborative experience. Each patient is assigned a wellness mentor who acts as your guide and advocate, working with you and your multi-disciplinary team. With the patient at the center, everyone collaborates and also relies on panel reviews to provide the most comprehensive and care possible. The result? A customized program with more informed choices, a better (and shorter) treatment experience and greater likelihood of improved outcomes.

Ardent is not driven by the “quantity over quality” approach dictated by insurance. That is why this intensive program necessitates patients pay us directly. Then, if you’d like, you can submit an out-of-network claim to your insurer.

Good mental and physical health form the foundation of a better life. If traditional medicine hasn’t given you the results you deserve, it’s time to consider The Ardent Center of Excellence.