Psychological Evaluations and Counseling

At IPD we offer both neuropsychiatric and psychological evaluations to help understand your issues and come up with an effective treatment plan.

Psychological Evaluations
Neuropsychological evaluations (NP) Psychological evaluations (PE) can:

A Neuropsychological Evaluation (NP) provides the understanding of underlying neurological process may cause the symptoms in the psychiatric disorder.

 A Psychological Evaluation (PE) typically evaluates general cognitive and personality functioning and is geared to diagnose psychiatric conditions.

What is gained from an evaluation?
An evaluation can:

    • Help clarify academic and learning challenges from strengths in these areas
    • Look at memory issues to determine if they are related to the typical aging process or a decline in functioning as in dementia and Alzheimers
    • Clarify cognitive, emotional and behavioral issues related to mental health problems
    • Identify and clarify diagnoses including those on the autistic spectrum, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and learning disabilities
    • Provide evidence for disability and other needed services
    • Help with treatment planning including when a person is not progressing as expected
    • Provide aid and guidance to schools and other groups working with clients
    • For youth and young adults in school, it can help create IEP and accommodation services and allowances for all grades including college

How long will it take?

An evaluation may take up to six hours and is typically completed in more than one session several hours in length.

It utilizes normed psychological and neuropsychological tests to cover areas including: intelligence, attention, memory, learning, motor control, achievement, executive functioning, behavioral, personality, achievement, visual special abilities and more.

Some tests are paper and pencil tests, while others are more interactive with the clinician.

Is there anything I should do to prepare?

Evaluations typically take 2-5 hours Get a good night’s rest prior to your appointment.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring any past medical records, a list of any medications you are taking, and if you’d like, a family member who may be able to help provide any insight into the issues you are experiencing.

If you need them, bring glasses and hearing aids.

What’s next?

After an evaluation, you will receive a comprehensive report with strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for treatment.